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The ShadowShield Sport, an all inclusive spot and stalk device for the serious hunter!


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The ShadowShield® Sport is an innovative mirrored spot & stalk device and mirrored hunting blind that allows hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, birders, and photographers to “approach the unapproachable TM.”

As an outdoor enthusiast, you understand the need to find wildlife in their natural habitat and that approaching wildlife requires patience all without them seeing you. Now , the ShadowShield® Sport brings you closer to the target than ever thought possible.

The ShadowShield® Sport is an all-inclusive, mirrored spot & stalk device that effectively camouflages you by completely reflecting your surroundings, allowing you to blend in and take the shot.

Check out our Videos to see real hunts not fake "B" shots!

About The ShadowShield® Stalking Shield                                                 

The ShadowShield® Sport successfully combines our two patented products into one amazing product!

Combining the latest technology in highly reflective polycarbonate material, durable aluminum hardware, and lightweight construction, The ShadowShield® allows you to approach your target virtually undetected.

Designed for the ultimate in durability and versatility, unlike imitations on the market; The ShadowShield Sport won't lose its mirrored finish! Go ahead and scratch it, it still works! TRY THAT WITH OUR COMPETITION!

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 turkey with ShadowShield

Stalking Shield Specifications:

  • Weighs only 7 lbs

  • DuraCoat® Paint on back

  • Lightweight durable aluminum frame

  • 53"Hx28"W

  • Highly reflective polycarbonate material (not a laminate!)

  • New adjustable legs for easier hands free operation





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ShadowShield and Impala




ShadowShield and a Springbok